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Inheritance Law and Succession Planning

“Wem ghörsch?” (who do you belong to) and “Häsch Böda?” (do you own any real estate) are questions that were first asked in Liechtenstein for a long time when you met someone. Whether someone owns “Böda” (real estate) and how much of it often depends on whether and to what extent one was taken into account as a heir in an inheritance matter. From the perspective of the testator, due to the narrow family structures in Liechtenstein and the fact that everyone knows everyone, many people are interested in planning the fairest, most comprehensive and clearest possible division of assets.

We advise and support you in all questions of inheritance law and help you with your succession planning. We assist you in drawing up testaments, contracts of inheritance and donations and represent you as heirs or legatees in inheritance proceedings before the courts and authorities. In the event of a dispute, we will ensure that your inheritance and compulsory portion rights are enforced.