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Law Office

In 2019 we, Dr. Dominik Schatzmann and Pius Heeb, decided to merge our law firms. This cooperation not only brings numerous advantages to us, but also to you as a client. Pius Heeb and Dr. Dominik Schatzmann offer more than 50 years of legal practice – Pius Heeb both from the perspective of a judge and as a lawyer, Dr. Dominik Schatzmann as a studied economist and lawyer, but also as an entrepreneur with a passion. Together with our team, we offer you individual solutions for every situation in life; be it in areas such as family and inheritance law, contract law and damage compensation, company formation and company law, but also in administrative law matters as well as criminal defence.

Both Dr. Dominik Schatzmann and Pius Heeb regularly give lectures at universities, schools and assemblies. Since it is always important for us to maintain and optimise our lean and efficient structures, we are able to pass this on to our clients within the framework of a fair and transparent pricing policy. We have therefore been advising many of our clients reliably in a wide variety of matters for several years. Since we are of the opinion that everyone has a right on his right, we also take on procedural assistance mandates and Dr. Dominik Schatzmann (Chairman of the Liechtenstein Patients’ Organisation, trusted lawyer of the Liechtenstein Women’s Shelter), Pius Heeb (Chairman of the Association for Assisted Living) and Lukas Oehri (Chairman of the Association for Human Rights, Chairman of the Association for Probationary Assistance) are involved in numerous social institutions. In addition, we work together with all legal expenses insurances and have in the meantime become the first point of contact for many legal expenses insurers, also from Switzerland and Austria, when it comes to Liechtenstein matters.

Dr. Dominik Schatzmann is also admitted as a lawyer in Austria, while Pius Heeb and Lukas Oehri are able to represent various topics in Swiss law. We are therefore happy to advise you on a cross-border basis and can rely on a broad network of permanent cooperation partners throughout Europe and the USA.

We are very pleased to welcome you to our new office in Ruggell.

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